Regan Vineyards

grapes growing on grapevines

The History

Regan Estate Vineyards is located on a hilly knoll in the Santa Cruz Mountains appellation. With nearly 40 acres planted to twelve different varietals and clones, Regan Estate Vineyards is one of the largest and most diverse vineyards in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Located in the Corralitos area of southern Santa Cruz County, Regan has a majestic view of the Monterey Bay and the Santa Cruz Mountains. The 50 acre site sits atop a hilly knoll and receives cool breezes off the Monterey Bay, a national marine sanctuary. The Santa Cruz Mountains appellation stretches from southern Santa Cruz County to Half Moon Bay. The mountainous topography of the region is suited for the planting of small vineyards, each with a unique micro climate.

Regan Estate Vineyards' cool climate location, one of the coolest in all of California, translates to a very long growing season that begins in March with bud break and generally finishes in late October when the last grapes are harvested. The soil at Regan varies, but is generally a loamy-clay. Some sections at Regan have heavy clay; other sections are quite sandy, while other areas are rockier.

Due to the unique combination of excellent sun exposure (atop a knoll), cool climate and loamy soil, the wines from Regan tend to be rich in flavor, have good acidity (important for aging) and the reds are deeply colored. Regan Vineyards grows many different clones and varieties: Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Dolcetto, Refosco and Nebbiolo.